How RD Works

Role Driver is a collaborative process that uses sophisticated software to easily capture your staff’s current job accountabilities and performance expectations at a remarkable level of detail. For managers, the detail seems too much. For employees, the detail is just right – finally capturing fully and accurately what he or she does all day, year in and year out.

Role Driver is built in MS Excel, using sophisticated macros and pivot tables.  It merges each individual job profile so that the workload of the entire team or company can be seen in the context of the big-picture outputs on which the company’s stakeholders and clients depend for their needs and success.

Role Driver’s software system has hundreds of hours of development built into it. Combined with 100+ user experiences, Role Driver is a dependable way to raise performance quality. Payback is often as quick as three months where measurable.

The software helps employees self-identify the hidden obstacles that cause workload overload and performance problems. By creating high definition job profiles, the mission-critical work each person does becomes visible to everyone on the team so that changes can be made easily, without feeling judged or inferior.