“I particularly like that both parties are involved and it is stable over time. It also provides a means to easily record prior performance.”

Jim Jonkman, CEO, Etymonic Design Inc. (engineers)

“I highly recommend it!”

Cam Thomson, Senior Vice-President, Carlson Marketing

“Role Driver has changed how I focus on what’s important in my work priorities.”

Rachel Etapp, Economic Development Officer

“I didn’t realize I spend so much of my time firefighting. Now I intend to shift my focus to problem prevention.”

Patrick Mianscum, IT Manager

Past Role Driver clients include:

  • Carlson Marketing
  • Etymonic Design Inc.
  • Staalduinen Floral Limited
  • QIEM CRM Systems
  • Halton Industry Education Council
  • Industry Education Council of Hamilton
  • Vyn Flowers Ltd
  • WE Connect (non-profit)
  • Ouje Bougomou Native Community
  • Royal Canin Pet Foods