Role Driver is a remarkably effective way to teach leadership and communication skills to one person or your entire staff.  By closely examining one’s own job accountabilities, each person sees how their role fits in to make their department and organization high-functioning. The end result is low frustration and high acceptance of the limitations that inescapably come with working in a team environment.

This is what your staff will learn:

  1. What is a job accountability? (Hint: it’s not answering emails)
  2. Which accountabilities do they own (the driver) and which belong to others who require their support (the passenger)?
  3. Which functional area and which process does each of their accountabilities fit into the overall company?
  4. How much time per week did they put into each accountability on average in the last year?
  5. How complex is each accountability (we call this Time Frame – it is very powerful for org design)
  6. What does a good job look like? (on-time, on-spec, on-budget). Did they deliver?
  7. Who else has authority over what they do, ranging from none to fully instructive?
  8. What competencies do they need to have to be successful at each accountability? How do they rate themselves at each?

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